Work in progress: “El Poder del Rito” (2023)

We have started our new documentary journey called “El Poder del Rito” , filming with Sebastián Larraín and with Christel Bocksang for producing the music score. 

We have started shooting a Wachuma ceremony in the mountains of Santiago de Chile and then we have traveled to Pucallpa in Peru for a shamanic diet of Ayahuasca.

Documental El Poder del Rito Fabiola Simonetti Sebastián Larraín Christel Bocksang

“LATTICE” last performance

Last Saturday October 23, I was making the visuals for the performance “Lattice”, a project created together with Christel Bocksang (Berlín). In collaboration with the cyber performance by Joaku de Sotavento, modifying the sound and visuals through biometric sensors. This time with the participation also of Nilda Ayala with the live sound of the gong and Tibetan bowls. You can follow @lattice.collective for future performances. Photographs by Ari Agliati
Lattice Madrid Factoría Jarana