Visual mentoring for the creation of an artistic piece for the “Máquina Orgánica” exhibition at Teatros del Canal, Madrid. (March/April 2023)

Exposición Máquina Orgánica Teatros del Canal Madrid Tech-Alelopatia Workshop Interactivas
Exposición Máquina Orgánica Teatros del Canal Madrid Tech-Alelopatia Workshop Interactivas

Allelopathy is a biological phenomenon by which an organism has the ability to produce chemical compounds that influence reproduction, survival, and growth from other organisms.

Could human beings activate through art and technology a channel of
communication that influences the plant world so that they can manifest themselves in we empathy, care and respect for his mysterious universe?
This interactive piece reveals the attempt in 48 hours of a group of people to find out through biosonification (process by which we convert the electrical information of the plants in sound) and visual art.

In the process of creation, a universe set of phrases and words springs up that more than reveal any mystery, offers us the opportunity to be instruments of the great plant orchestra that we have in front of us and merge our sensations with their electrical impulses, letting it be its own nature in this context imposed by we, the one that governs the final sound result of this installation. So we allow ourselves in a shared fantasy, greening in its mysteries.

Interactivity Description:

It consists of a biodata sensor that receives electrical impulses from the plant, which influences the textures of the soundscape and are also launching the audio voice samples. As for the visual, it affects the movement of RGB over its visual “aura” that reveals the image of the plant, which is in time through a camera, and on the other hand, it affects the green spherical network that we see, signals from the plant cause deformation and alteration of the plant. There is a second biodata sensor that is for humans, which affects the of the aura of the plant, causing noise and pixels, and on the other hand, it affects the image of the videos that are selected within the sphere, making a deformation in space time of these images.

The softwares we used in the design of this art piece are Resolume Arena (visual), Ableton Live (sound) and TouchDesigner (interactivity), using the OSC protocol.

The project was carried out by those who attended the workshop of the exhibition “Máquina Orgánica”. Presented at Teatros del Canal (Madrid) and curated by Charles Carcopino.

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